New Parents & Carers

We very warmly welcome all members of the school community who wish to join St Paul’s.  We are incredibly proud of our school and encourage you to come and visit us. For all parents of children in Year 2, we hold open mornings and tours in October and welcome any questions. 

Click here for the Prospectus

Some tours are led by our Year 6 Ambassadors, who will tell you all about the school, what they learn and we believe that it is through their 'talk' that you get a true picture of what are school is like.  

Please click on the picture on the right to download a brief prospectus for parents. At the bottom of this page is a link to the Information we share on our New Parents' Welcome. 

Transition from Year 2 to Year 3

We work closely with Bowlish and Shepton Mallet Infants and other Feeder schools to ensure that transition for children is as smooth as possible.  Activities are planned between Year 2 and Year 3  to allow children to have a taster of life at St Paul’s. We also run ‘Explorer Days and details will be sent to the Infant School for you to sign up for. Children have the opportunity to participate in a sports afternoon, story swap and complete a transition booklet which can then be shared with parents over the summer so you can then answer any of those awkward questions!

Some children may be invited to extra transition sessions if it is felt this may help them.  During this time extra tours take place, team games and also a chance to share any particular worries. 

Parent Comments:

Excellent transition in place to make the move as positive as possible

​Mrs Roberts and her office team ensure you as a parent are fully informed about what we need to complete to ensure a smooth transition.

Day to day communication is excellent through Dojo and Mrs Parfitt, the school’s SENco is approach and has been really helpful.

Transition from Year 6 to Year 7

Throughout Key Stage 2 we work hard to ensure that the children are prepared with the skills they need to move onto their next step of education at Secondary school.  Transition work takes place in the summer term so the children get used to rules and routines.  Many of our secondary schools come into visit the children and talk to them about what life will be like and to answer any questions and worries. Click on a link below for more details about the Secondary Schools.


Some children may be invited to take part in extra transition groups to discuss worries and also look in more depth at what to expect at Secondary School. 

New Parent & Carers - Presentation shown on the evening

This is a link to a website that contains the Presentation we use on the evening for new parents and carers. 

Diary Dates