Our curriculum here at St Paul’s is based upon the skills our children need, so that they may lead full and successful lives, both now and in the future.  We incorporate academic, creative, emotional, social, physical and moral qualities into our teaching and learning. 

Yr 5 trip to the Big Pit in Wales

Our pupils learn through a variety of different strategies and techniques involving individual or group activities and practical, spoken and written tasks.  In all lessons, we aim for the children to be actively engaged with their learning and involved in their individual progress and achievement.

Where possible, our curriculum is organised with a cross-curricular approach.  Each topic is enhanced by visits or visitors and specially organised WOW days; these take place throughout the term to maximise and maintain pace of learning.

Victorian Day

Victorian Day

The topics involve activities which challenge the children to remember, understand, apply, create, analyse and evaluate ideas, therefore building upon their independence and creativity. Here are a couple of examples from last year's curriculum.




 PDF icon  Yearly overview of Curriculum Coverage 

Spelling Programme for St Paul's from Somerset Literacy Network

Grammar Programme for St Paul's

Please feel free to look at our Year Plans to see how our curriculum can support and develop your child’s talents. 

Diary Dates