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Reading lies at the heart of the curriculum at St Paul’s. We are dedicated to enabling our pupils to become lifelong readers and we believe reading is key for academic success. At the heart of our strategy is our drive to foster a love of reading, enriching children’s learning through carefully designed teaching activities that utilise imaginative stories and thought-provoking texts. Reading is a skill that enables children to develop their learning across the wider curriculum and lays the foundations for success in the future. We recognise the importance of taking a consistent whole school approach to the teaching of reading in order to close any gaps and to target the highest possible number of children attaining the expected standard or higher. We have high expectations of all children, and we encourage children to challenge themselves, persevere and pursue success.


Children hear, share and discuss a range of high-quality texts through our whole class English lessons both in terms of fiction and non-fiction. It is the expectation that all genres are covered (fiction/non-fiction/poetry) across a term in each year group to ensure progression and breadth of coverage.

Whole class guided reading -In addition to the rich texts used in English lessons children have also have daily 30min whole class reading lessons which are about building understanding and comprehension.

Reading skills - St Paul’s uses VIPERS to ensure children are taught the correct skills in order to read and understand. VIPERS- Vocabulary, Inference, Predict, Explain, Retrieve and Summarise. These skills are taught through the use of the whole class text as well as in guided reading and with previously unseen texts.

Accelerated reading - In addition to whole class reading children spend 20mins of quiet reading with their accelerated reading book. On completion of their book children complete comprehension and vocabulary questions based on what they have just read.

Reading for enjoyment - Each year group has a class novel for each term (3 novels over the year) read by an adult where intonation, self-correction are modelled and a discussion of relevant information can take place. The reading environment both inside and outside of the classroom is highly important to us. Reading is celebrated regularly by holding whole school events such as book week which includes ‘World Book Day’ where we often invite authors into school. Reading is also celebrated each week at celebration assembly where children are rewarded for their reading efforts. There is also a word millionaire tea party held twice a year for those children who manage to read over a million words. Each year group has their own library along with the main school library where purposeful reading environments are established.

Reading Interventions - Phonics is the main teaching tool in the teaching of early reading where children have joined in year 3 unable to read. Children are taught to decode words and are then taught to understand what they read. Those working below ARE read to an adult daily and take part in interventions such as 'Reading Recovery' daily to aid fluency, understanding and develop vocab.


As we believe that reading is key to all learning and by the time children leave St Paul’s, we expect that:

  • Children will develop a love of and a thirst for reading.
  • Children will be able to decode words and then develop a growing understanding of what they read.
  • Children will understand and use the key skills of reading, including VIPERS- Vocabulary, Inference, Predict, Explain, Retrieve and Summarise.
  • Children will have a clear understanding of what they have been taught and where their learning will take them next.
  • All children will make good progress from their own personal starting points.
  • The large majority of children will achieve age related expectations in Reading and St Paul’s will achieve in line with National standards in Reading at the end of KS2.

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